Bold Color Kitchen & Bath Design Trends for Your Maui Home from the KBIS Show 2024

Design Trends

Bright and bold has never looked so good! Our team had the most electrifying time at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas. This premier event for kitchen and bath design was brimming with the latest trends and inspiration that we can’t wait to share. In 2024, the show outdid itself by bringing us the spectrum of all things vibrant and bold. Whether it was unique patterns or bright colors, this year dared to dream up something new for the kitchen and bath scene. So let’s dive into how these trends can transform your Maui home into a one of a kind palette!

Throughout the trip, we saw an explosion of jewel tones and primary colors, with terracotta and shades of green leaping into the picture on appliances, ranges, refrigerator, and fixtures. When added throughout your home, these colors bring a sense of earthiness and personality that blends effortlessly with the natural beauty of Maui. 

Imagine your kitchen in Kihei making a statement with a bold terracotta-colored range, complemented by vibrant blue cabinetry. Or, picture your bathroom in Wailea - designed with deep emerald tiles, gold fixtures, and natural light pouring in to create a peaceful sanctuary. Seeing the possibilities at our fingertips made us realize the bigger the better for colors and patterns in our homes!

As we embrace the bold and beautiful, we recognize these trends aren’t just about aesthetics; these colors and patterns invite creativity and inspiration into our homes while bringing a piece of the island’s soul inside. Whether jewel tones are in your color wheelhouse or you’re ready to embrace the terracotta and greens, you can create an environment full of character and warmth.

True Residential Fridge in Sorbet finish

If you’re curious about how to infuse and incorporate new color palettes, we would love to give you some ideas! Together, we can bring the colors and patterns from KBIS 2024 into your home to create a space that’s uniquely yours and unmistakably Maui.

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