Hand picked Tropical Designer Furniture and Decor with Homes by Patina


Maui’s custom pillow & luxury hawaiian furniture and decor

Handpicked Tropical Designer Furniture and Decor with Homes by Patina

In the heart of Hawaii, away from the noise and busyness of life, Homes by Patina thrives by inspiring the colorful and unique in all of us. Stefanie’s new line caters to those who seek custom, authentically inspired decor with a tropical flair. But what truly sets this collection apart is its unique accessibility to designer furniture and decor, a rarity on the islands, making Homes by Patina not just a unique brand but a treasure for exclusive home styling options. 

Embracing Local Heritage

At the core of this collection lies strong ties to embrace local essence and culture. Each item is hand-selected by Stefanie as she brings her extensive knowledge and experience in interior design to all her ideas and creations. By focusing on locations including Kihei, Wailea, Lahaina, and Kapalua, the range resonates with the Maui spirit and the rich cultural heritage. 

Essence of the Island through Design 

Stefanie’s custom pillows are a signature offering at Homes of Patina. These are more than just accessories; they are forms of storytelling through the eyes of the island. With designs ranging from vibrant tropical prints to more subtle, elegant patterns, these pillows bring a piece of Maui into your home. They hold the essence of the island, making them not just decorative elements but keepsakes of Hawaiian splendor. 

Harmonizing Style and Materials

Aside from the pillows themselves, Stefanie’s furniture selection showcases a blend of mid-century modern, bohemian, and mixed materials. Pieces include teak furniture and cane-framed items which stand out in durability and style. Adding multiple textures adds a layer of sophistication and allows each piece of furniture to work in a functional space. 

Discovering a Curated Collection 

Homes by Patina offers much more than furniture and decor; Stefanie’s offers a curated journey through the heart of Maui. The collection offers something special for those seeking to bring the ambiance of the tropics into their living spaces. With a focus on custom design, luxury materials, and local inspiration, Stefanie will redefine tropical elegance in home decor spaces.

Here you will find the unique touch of tropical inspiration and modern sophistication at Homes by Patina, where each piece tells a different story.

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