Island Inspired Design Trends | A Journey Through High Point Market

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Come join us on a vibrant journey through the energetic lanes of the High Point Market, the ultimate destination for interior design inspiration. We were inspired and reminded of how island livings plays a role in the current furniture & living accessory trends and it was easy to spot throughout our tour through the Market.

From the revival of rattan to the infusion of tropical motifs, the market showcased an array of innovative designs that embraced the spirit of the islands. So, let's delve deeper into these captivating trends that so effortlessly blend the easy-going feel and the natural allure of island life into our living spaces.

Woven Materials & Shell Shaped Inspired Lighting.

Rattan Comeback:

Who knew that rattan could make such a big comeback? Especially since we have seen it in so many of the Old Condos on the Island.

The reinvented rattan furniture straddled the line between modern design and cozy island style, completely shaking off any lingering associations with outdated Hawaiian condos. From dinner sets that looked more like sculptural masterpieces to sun-soaked loungers, each piece felt like an invitation to lean back, relax, and let the day unwind. It's clear that rattan, with its unique woven patterns and captivating forms, has once again found its place in our homes, merging contemporary charm with that unmistakably relaxed island aesthetic.

Fresh look for rattan reminiscent of McGuire original coffee table without the leather wrap

Surrounded by Tropical Vibes:

As we navigated through the vibrant market, it was almost impossible to ignore the abundant tropical elements that beautifully breathed life into each space. Imagine walking into a room, greeted by the vibrant, lush green of Monstera leaves, their broad, striking foliage invoking the unspoiled beauty of island jungles. And then, there were the seashell mirrors, a charming nod to the treasures washed ashore on sandy beaches, subtly infusing spaces with that elusive coastal tranquility. It's truly remarkable how these natural accents, when paired with contemporary design elements, can create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere that transports us straight into the heart of a tranquil island oasis.

Seashell Mirrors and Woven Accents
Island Polynesian style Accents
Outrigger Canoe or Wave Expression to this Artwork

This Reminded us of the Sea Urchin's found here on the Island.

Botanical Styling:

We saw several examples of tropical inspired styling. With large monstera leaves incorporated in bouquets which can be found all over the island. Accents of bright tea leaves that express the island aesthetic.

Monstera leaves blended into center pieces

Palms and Driftwood

Illuminating Island Inspiration:

These lighting pieces were not just functional objects, but works of art that painted the rooms in a whole new light. One piece that caught my eye had a design reminiscent of gently rolling waves or the sleek lines of an outrigger canoe, casting a soft glow that seemed to dance like sunlight on the ocean's surface. This, along with other pieces from the same line, truly embodied the creativity and spirit of island living. It was a reminder that in design, just like on the islands, everything serves a purpose - whether it's to illuminate our surroundings, evoke fond memories, or simply to bring a smile to our faces. The creative blend of design, function, and island inspiration found in these lighting pieces made them a standout addition to any space.

Beautiful Hubbardton Forge Lighting
Earthy Neutral Colors with White Accents and Sea Glass Wall Sconce

Pearl inspired lighting
Soft neutrals and blue accents in these table lamps

The Fusion of Cane and Mid-Century Style:

One trend that truly grabbed my attention was the delightful revival of cane furniture, now elegantly fused with modern design sensibilities. The charming, intricately woven cane backs, paired with sleek, mid-century lines, created an aesthetic that was both captivating and nostalgic. It was like witnessing a beautiful dance between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, resulting in furniture pieces that felt equally at home in ultra-modern interiors and in rooms resonating with island-inspired themes.

Cane blended with midcentury modern

Embracing Blush Tones:

A soft, romantic blush color palette seemed to gently waft through the market, like a calming sea breeze on a warm summer evening. This sophisticated hue, both subtle and serene, found its way onto beds, upholstery, and accessories, adding an air of elegant romance to every space it touched. The delicate blush tones served as a beautiful canvas that bridged the casual tranquility of island life with the chic sophistication of modern design, resulting in spaces that felt calming, inviting, and just a touch ethereal.

This blush color showed up all over the market!

The Unexpected Star – Teak:

Traditionally celebrated for its resilience in outdoor settings, teak boldly stepped into the limelight at High Point Market. Renowned for its inherent beauty and durability, teak became the go-to material for high-end indoor furniture pieces, offering a fresh and innovative take on interior design. Whether incorporated into opulent teak frames of mid-century-inspired chairs or artfully woven into other furniture pieces, the use of teak successfully blurred the lines between indoor and outdoor living, creating spaces that felt more connected to nature.

Bringing the teak furniture indoors, know for it's durability outside.

Wrapping it up:

At High Point Market, we witnessed the magic of island-inspired design coming to life. It's a style that embraces the relaxed elegance and vibrant energy of tropical living. With these trends, we have the opportunity to bring a piece of paradise into our own homes. By incorporating elements of rattan, tropical motifs, cane, blush tones, and teak, we can create spaces that transport us to an island retreat every day.

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