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Service Spotlights

In Maui’s vibrant real estate market, many understand how presenting a home in its best light is vital for buying, selling, and getting top dollar for their real estate purchases. Whether it’s a sun-kissed residence in Kihei, or maybe a luxurious estate in Wailea, or the serene quiet of Kapalua, each home has a story to share and does so through the colors and textures found within.

At Patina Interior Design we are your expert in residential home staging, and bring each home’s story to life with impeccable furniture styling and seamless home staging.

Available to sellers looking to showcase their homes, we offer comprehensive services tailored to varying budgets. Our consultations include expert advice on reusing and repurposing existing furniture, ensuring a cost-effective approach to staging. For those opting to sell their Maui homes furnished, a common practice given the prevalence of second homes, we specialize in staging properties up to the median price point of 1.5 million dollars, ensuring competitiveness in the market.

From smaller staging jobs incorporating statement or core pieces to enhancing flow and aesthetics, our professional touch transforms spaces. Leveraging access to local artists and décor, we infuse pops of color to brighten interiors. Unlike virtual staging, we believe in the impact of showcasing actual furniture. Additionally, we offer furniture sales as an option, facilitating the process for sellers. With a focus on depersonalization and creating turnkey-ready spaces, our unique approach ensures that homes are presented in their best light, enticing buyers to envision themselves living in these beautifully curated environments.

Telling Stories with Spaces

At its core, home staging is much more than a service - it’s art that combines aesthetics with a strategy, plan, and layout. Our design team work in tandem to craft spaces that resonate with potential buyers through color schemes, textures, layouts, and more. By carefully planning and laying out each room, we see that each space is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional.

The Heart of Home Staging

One of the most crucial aspects of home staging is furniture styling. With a keen eye for detail and design, we help our clients select the right pieces that work to complement the architecture and flow of each home. Whether a modern minimalist design to a cozy, beachfront vibe, our furniture selections work to enhance the unique features already present in the home.

Seamless and Efficient Furnishings

Throughout the process of home staging, we prioritizes a hassle-free experience for the homeowner. Our team takes on the responsibility of procuring the furnishings and accessories previously discussed, and the complete installation process is handled with care and ease. In the end, the home can be photograph-ready and primed for viewings!

A Touch of Paradise through Vacation Home Restyling

But our expertise isn’t limited to staging homes for sale - we also offers vacation home restyling services, perfect for those homeowners in Maui looking to revamp their holiday retreats. Our restyling services can transform any vacation home into a luxurious and comfortable space.

The Key to Successful Home Sales

In the ever-competitive real estate market, a well-staged home can be the key to successfully selling at the best price. With our services in home staging and design, not only will it enhance the overall beauty of a property but significantly increase the market appeal.

For those looking to sell or restyle their homes in Maui, connect with our team to develop a plan for your real estate project, vacation home, or personal residence.

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