Lanikai Serene Beach Bungalow

Welcome to the Lanikai Serene Beach Bungalow, where the timeless allure of Lanikai, Hawaii, seamlessly intertwines with contemporary elegance. As ambassadors of exquisite design at Patina Interior Design, we are thrilled to showcase the details of this beachy project that embraced both the soothing embrace of the ocean and the luxury of modern living. Nestled in the heart of Lanikai, this project was more than a mere remodel – it was an artistic journey to harmonize nature's beauty with refined living spaces. The focal point of the endeavor was the custom kitchen and bath remodel. Our expertise in crafting impeccable kitchens and baths shone through as we meticulously curated spaces that not only catered to functionality but also exuded sophistication.

The transformation of the bottom floor was a testament to our mastery in interior architecture. By thoughtfully blending the new design elements with the existing features, we achieved a seamless flow throughout the house. The custom blue countertops acted as a visual bridge between the interiors and the azure waters right outside, echoing the serene beauty of Lanikai's coastline. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding beachy landscape, we infused the design with tranquil aqua tones, mirroring the ocean's allure. The bathroom remodel downstairs emerged as a sanctuary of relaxation, with the soothing colors echoing the waves brushing against the shore. Every detail, from the tile work to the Douglas fir lacquered pine elements, was meticulously chosen to encapsulate the serene coastal vibe.

The feeling of being on a boat, gently rocked by the waves, was the guiding ethos. The interiors were meticulously adorned with custom lighting fixtures from Italy, brought by our client to infuse an extra layer of elegance. The result is a symphony of luxury and nature, a place where the line between indoors and outdoors blurs, and the Lanikai serenity becomes an integral part of everyday living. Experience the fusion of contemporary design and coastal tranquility in the Lanikai Serene Beach Bungalow – a testament to our commitment to creating spaces that resonate with the environment and elevate the art of living.


Lanikai, Oahu


Lieber Construction  Lanikai, HI


Olivier Koning

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