Meditation Guest House

Our client is not just a collector of worldly treasures but also a seeker of spirituality and meditation. This guest house was her canvas, and we painted it with elements that speak to her soul.

The challenge was to infuse a sense of tranquility and mindfulness into the space while keeping it modern and functional. We started with a clean and contemporary approach to the remodel. The bathrooms received a modern makeover, sleek and simple, providing the perfect balance between form and function. However, the heart of this project lies in the meditation space. Our client's vision was clear - a space that resonates with peace and positive energy. To achieve this, we introduced a unique design element: custom doors from Indonesia. These doors, suspended from the ceiling, create a sense of enclosure, cocooning the meditation area. It's a visual and tactile experience that connects with the soul.

The flooring played a pivotal role. Inlaid carpet into the wood floors provides a soft, grounding surface for meditation. It's a space where every detail was carefully considered to enhance the experience of mindfulness. While this guest house is a space for solitude and introspection, it also celebrates our client's global experiences and collections. Each piece has a story, a memory, and adds to the overall ambiance of the space. The Meditation Guest House is a harmonious blend of modernity and spirituality, a reflection of the client's journey and our design philosophy. It's a reminder that your space can be a reflection of your inner self, a sanctuary for the soul.

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