Modern Oasis

This remarkable transformation encompassed a full refurnishing, a master bathroom remodel, and a touch of reimagining for an enchanting home nestled in the heart of Hawaii.

Our team embarked on a journey of creativity and functionality, crafting a custom bathroom design and entirely reimagining the floor plan layout. The centerpiece was the master bathroom, a tranquil retreat that mirrors the gentle waves of the nearby shores. The choice of Porcelanosa tiles, evoking the textures of beach glass and the movement of waves, perfectly captured the essence of the client's desire for a modern aesthetic. The bathroom space, although not sprawling, was transformed into a luxurious haven with carefully selected Dornbracht plumbing fixtures and bespoke custom mahogany cabinetry.

The vision of a calming haven extended into the bedrooms. Neutral, soothing tones were carefully chosen for the master and the teenager's rooms, creating an atmosphere of serenity and comfort. The master bedroom boasted a neutral palette, accentuated by the elegance of custom mahogany cabinetry and trim work Outdoors, the beachy essence merged with modern comfort. We curated a selection of teak furniture, embodying both luxury and durability, ideal for the island's climate. Custom-designed pillows added a touch of uniqueness, while specially selected fabrics embodied the coastal charm. The synergy of modern luxury and soothing tranquility was the hallmark of this Modern Oasis project. It wasn't just a renovation; it was a journey to create a haven where elegance and nature intertwine.

The hallmark of this project, aptly named the Modern Oasis, lies in the harmonious interplay between modern luxury and soothing tranquility. Beyond a mere renovation, it encapsulates a transformative journey. It's about fashioning a sanctuary where elegance mingles with nature's serenity, creating an enduring haven that captures the very essence of sophisticated living.


Wailea, Maui  


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