Wailea Maui Oceanside Remodel

Nestled in the picturesque beauty of Wailea, Maui, our recent interior design project presented a unique canvas for transformation. The Wailea Maui Oceanside Remodel was not just about redesigning a space; it was about capturing the essence of the island and the homeowner's love for the ocean.

The project began with a commitment to preserving the original charm of the space. The existing cabinetry, a testament to time and craftsmanship, was lovingly retained. What made this cabinetry truly special was the rare Koa wood, harvested right here in Hawaii 35 years ago. This rich, honey-toned wood added warmth and character to the interiors.

The homeowner wanted to replicate the feeling of being by the sea right in their living space. We achieved this through careful design choices, like the Blu backsplash that mirrored the colors of the water. The original woodwork, inspired by the renowned architects Green & Green, was meticulously replicated to enhance the Arts & Crafts and Craftsman style.

Ebony woodwork provided a stunning contrast to the Koa wood, creating a harmonious play of textures. It was a subtle nod to the balance of nature and the elements. The result was a space that not only felt connected to the island's natural beauty but also exuded a sense of timeless elegance.

The owners of the project were lovers of color, and they wanted their space to capture the vibrant hues of the ocean. The blue carpet, reminiscent of the waters just outside their window, extended this view indoors. Vintage McGuire furniture and repurposed rattan and leather pieces, with fresh custom upholstery, breathed new life into the space.

To complement the island's rich cultural tapestry, we introduced Asian elements throughout the design. Oriental bases and Chinese lamps added a touch of the Far East, creating a delightful fusion of cultures. The result was a space where you could gaze out the window and see Molokini while feeling the influence of distant lands.

Classic prints and florals are seen in the bedrooms, where custom bedding and bed skirts brought a touch of traditional elegance. Fresh, beachy custom sofas injected vibrancy with their colorful patterns, seamlessly blending the old with the new.


Wailea, Maui


Shawn Connors Construction


Ryan Siphers Photography

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