Belllngham Remodel

In the heart of Bellingham, WA, our journey with a well-traveled client continued, building on our successful collaboration in Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. This client, an avid global explorer and art enthusiast, presented us with an intriguing challenge: to craft a Luxury Lake Home that effortlessly blended modern aesthetics with the warmth of rich wood tones and subtle, neutral hues.

While being a place of comfort and relaxation, this home was also designed to serve as an art gallery. Each wall is a canvas, and each space an opportunity for their art collections to shine, adding depth and character to the living environment.

Functionality and form are at the core of this transformative project. We overhauled the interior architecture, introducing captivating elements like an imposing cantilever fireplace column that not only makes a bold statement but also emphasizing the lofty ceilings of the great room.

This expansive home includes seven bedrooms and six bathrooms, with a third-story primary suite that offers breathtaking views of one of northern Washington's picturesque wooded lakes. We curated a cascading custom Chandelier from Bocci in Vancouver, Canada, a gorgeous fixture with copper mesh accents and custom glass blown pendants.

In the dining area, we created a space where elegance meets functionality. Phillips Collection dining chairs, a favorite among celebrities like Kylie Jenner, my find their place around a cast bronze and walnut dining table from Skram NY. This ensemble created a warm and inviting setting for gatherings and culinary delights.

Collaborating closely with architects from Zervas Architects and the skilled artisans at Dovetail Construction Seattle, every detail of this Luxury Lake Home was executed with precision. The result is a living masterpiece that harmoniously combines modern design, a passion for art, and a commitment to comfort. It's a place where each element tells a story of creativity, artistry, and the pursuit of true aesthetic and functional excellence.


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Dovetail Construction Seattle

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