Eclectic Contemporary Villa

Introducing the Eclectic Contemporary Villa, a design project that beautifully fuses modern aesthetics with a touch of European luxury, all the way from our Hawaiian design studio to the vibrant city of Seattle.

This villa is something special - a true reflection of its owner's eclectic taste and passion for art. Our mission? To turn this house into an artful masterpiece. We started by stripping the entire house down to its bare bones, a blank canvas if you will. Then, piece by piece, we put it all back together. The result is a space that's not just a home, but a work of contemporary art.

The heart of the house, the master suite, is a striking example of our design philosophy. It's a yin and yang, a play of black and white. On one side, you have the pristine white, on the other, deep, luxurious black. Custom drapery, custom doors, everything carefully curated to evoke the elegance of Coco Chanel, whom our client adores. The furniture is a story in itself. We sourced pieces from renowned brands like Moooi known for their cutting-edge contemporary designs, and Ligne Roset, a French furniture line that specializes in timeless elegance. Every piece was chosen with an artist's eye, with the aim to complement, rather than overpower, the stunning art collection that adorns the walls.

In the kitchen and bath, we took the customization to another level. Custom woods, custom cabinetry layouts - every detail was meticulously thought out to make these spaces not just functional, but also a visual delight. This project was a labor of love, a journey from the mundane to the extraordinary. And as a Hawaii-based design studio, we brought a touch of our island's eclectic charm to the Pacific Northwest.


Bellevue WA  


Keever and Associates