Eclectic Contemporary Villa

Introducing the Eclectic Contemporary Villa, a captivating design endeavor that seamlessly melds modern aesthetics with a hint of European opulence, traversing from our sun-kissed Hawaiian design studio to the vibrant streets of Seattle.

This villa stands as a testament to its owner's distinctive taste and profound love for art. Our undertaking was nothing short of transformative – envisioning this residence not merely as a dwelling, but as a living, breathing masterpiece. We embarked on our mission by peeling back the layers, revealing a pristine canvas awaiting our creative touch. Through meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful curation, we meticulously reconstructed every facet, culminating in a space that transcends mere functionality, evolving into a contemporary symphony of form and expression.

At the nucleus of the villa lies the master suite, an embodiment of our design ethos. Here, contrasts dance harmoniously – pristine whites juxtaposed with rich, velvety blacks, evoking a sense of timeless elegance reminiscent of the iconic Coco Chanel, a muse cherished by our client. Every element, from bespoke drapery to handcrafted doors, was chosen with precision, echoing the meticulous attention to detail synonymous with haute couture.

The furniture adorning this sanctuary tells a story of its own. Handpicked from renowned labels such as Moooi and Ligne Roset, each piece serves as a harmonious accompaniment to the captivating art collection gracing the walls, ensuring a delicate balance between form and function.

In the heart of the home, the kitchen and bath underwent a metamorphosis of their own. Custom woods and meticulously crafted cabinetry layouts elevate these spaces beyond mere practicality, infusing them with an unparalleled sense of refinement and allure.

This project was a labor of passion, a voyage from the ordinary to the extraordinary. And as emissaries of Hawaii's eclectic charm, we imbued a touch of our island's spirit into the Pacific Northwest, enriching the tapestry of Seattle's architectural landscape with a fusion of cultures and inspirations.


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