Lighting Design Four Seasons Maui

A transformation of the Four Seasons Maui Salon, a project that redefined luminosity within Maui Hawaii. We are thrilled to unveil a tale of collaboration, where lighting and design unite to shape an unforgettable experience. When the esteemed Four Seasons sought to breathe new life into their Maui salon, they turned to us with a vision - a vision that merged aesthetic finesse with practical brilliance. Collaborating seamlessly with Wimberly Interiors, we embarked on a journey to craft a lighting concept that would not only enhance their interior work but also elevate the functionality of the space.

Our expertise came to life as we meticulously orchestrated the illumination landscape, weaving Visual Comfort lighting elements that celebrated the salon's essence. The once dim and outdated space underwent a metamorphosis, emerging as a haven of radiant warmth. We understood that for the salon staff, clarity was of utmost importance, a factor that significantly influenced their efficiency and clients' experiences. Thus, we tailored our lighting design not just to enhance the visual appeal but also to facilitate a seamless salon experience.

As light artists, we tackled the challenge of transforming a space that was both practical and aesthetic. We envisioned an environment where the staff could perform their craft with precision, where the clients could witness the transformation with clarity, and where every product on display sparkled in its true radiance. From combating darkness to creating an ambiance that felt inviting and warm, our approach was multifaceted. We struck a balance that not only made their clients look fabulous in the mirrors but also made the space conducive for the staff to work efficiently. Our lighting design was more than just illumination; it was a bridge between functionality and beauty, a transformation that made the salon experience not only visual but immersive.

The Four Seasons Maui Salon is a testament to the fusion of design sensibilities, an ode to the harmonious interplay of light and aesthetics. It's an invitation to experience transformation, not only in appearances but also in the atmosphere, a journey where light tells a story of elegance and efficiency. In this space, light isn't just a medium; it's a language that speaks of luxury, comfort, and artistry.


Viking Construction Kihei, HI

Electrical Contractor:

DuWatts Electrical


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