Lighting Design Wailea Gallery

Step into a realm where art, light, and nature converge seamlessly - welcome to the enchanting Lighting Design Wailea Gallery in Wailea, Hawaii. We are thrilled to unveil the intricacies of a project that masterfully blends the captivating work of a renowned humpback whale photographer with the artistry of lighting design. This endeavor is more than an interior design; it's a story that encapsulates the dance of humpback whales in the cerulean waters of the Hawaiian Islands. As if from a dream, the celebrated humpback whale photographer, Douglas Hoffman, captures these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. His lens becomes an instrument of connection, a way for people to experience the awe-inspiring beauty of these creatures giving birth in Maui's warm embrace.

The magic of the humpback whales' journey to Maui is one that unfolds year after year. Originating from the frigid waters of Alaska, they traverse thousands of miles to bask in the nurturing shallows between Lanai and Valley Isle, bringing life to their young in a natural spectacle that draws thousands of visitors annually. In this collaborative project, Patina Interiors had the privilege of being summoned by Douglas Hoffman himself. His profound artistry led him to us, seeking a lighting design plan that would illuminate his work like never before. Our task was to create an ambiance that does justice to his photographic chronicles of humpback whales and the poetry of Hawaii's waves and landscapes.

As light artists, we orchestrated a symphony of illumination to enhance every brushstroke of Hoffman's photographs. Carefully considering the interplay between light and shadow, we curated a lighting design plan that not only showcases his masterpieces but also becomes an integral part of the visual storytelling. The aim was not just to display art but to craft an immersive experience, where every image tells a tale and every shadow whispers its secrets. The Lighting Design Wailea Gallery is more than a space; it's an embrace of nature's beauty, a partnership between the lens and light, and a celebration of the dance of life that unfolds in Maui's waters. This project is an ode to artistry, an invitation to connect, and a journey into the heart of humpback whales' mystique against the backdrop of Hawaii's breathtaking scenery.

Electrical Contractor:

Circuit Electric  

Electrical Engineering:

Morikawa and Associates

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