Hawaiian Custom Kitchen and Bath Casework

Project Spotlights

Crafting Elegance: Custom Kitchen and Bath Casework

Our pride lies in our meticulous approach to custom kitchen and bath casework design. We understand the unique lifestyle of our clients, which is why we go beyond aesthetics to create spaces that resonate with their personality. From elegant beach homes to high-end residences and bespoke remodels, Patina Interior Design has left an indelible mark on Maui's design landscape.

from our WAILEA GETAWAY project

Embracing Nature: Materials and Aesthetics

With our deep-rooted knowledge of special wood species and commitment to high-quality finishes, our casework line harmonizes Hawaiian craftsmanship and modern luxury. Each piece exudes the beauty of nature, celebrating the essence of the islands. Our design philosophy embraces clean lines, ergonomic functionality, and the seamless integration of sustainable materials.

from our MODERN MOUNTAIN ESCAPE project in Honolulu

Tailoring Trends to You

Our finger on the pulse of interior design trends ensures that your kitchen and bath are truly ahead of the curve. We seamlessly weave trends like organic textures, sustainable materials, and smart storage solutions into your spaces, resulting in designs that stand the test of time.


Client Chronicles: Transformative Journeys

But don't take our word for it; hear it from our clients. From higher-income families to vacation homeowners, Patina Interior Design has been the catalyst for their dream homes. Our client testimonials speak of the transformative impact our designs have had on their lives, making everyday moments truly extraordinary.

Your Path to Perfection: Work Together

Are you ready to infuse your space with the charm and elegance that define Hawaiian living? Let's embark on a journey of collaboration and creativity. Contact Patina Interior Design today and let us shape your dream home, whether it's in the heart of Wailuku, the tranquility of Wailea, or any other picturesque Hawaiian locale.

Elevate Your Home with Patina Interior Design

Unlock the potential of your space with Patina Interior Design. Elevate your living experience through custom kitchen and bath casework that marries artistry with functionality. Our passion for design, commitment to sustainability, and attention to detail promise a home that truly reflects your essence. Discover the beauty of Hawaiian living with Patina Interior Design.

Let's Work Together

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