Wailea Getaway

Sophistication intertwines with the spirit of Hawaii - welcome to the captivating Wailea Getaway project, nestled in the heart of South Maui. We take immense pride in presenting the transformation of this space, an exemplary illustration of a complete kitchen and room remodel, redefining coastal elegance with a touch of sophistication.

The original kitchen, outdated and time-worn, underwent a remarkable metamorphosis under our skilled hands. As visionary designers, we embarked on a journey to reimagine the very layout of the kitchen. The outcome was a space reborn, one that embraced modernity while still capturing the essence of Hawaii's vibrant allure. Custom wood cabinetry, meticulously chosen to echo the natural beauty of the surroundings, became the foundation of this culinary haven. The charm extended to all-new tile work, plumbing fixtures, and an ambiance that breathed new life into their vacation rental.

The allure of this project doesn't end in the kitchen. Acknowledging the growing demand for transformed vacation rentals, we embraced the challenge of revitalizing both bathrooms alongside the kitchen. The owners sought sophistication with a nod to Hawaii's spirit, a blend we mastered seamlessly. The choice of walnut for cabinetry exuded elegance, perfectly complemented by the carefully curated countertops that formed a striking contrast. A touch of mid-century style furniture was artfully integrated, adding layers of intrigue and personality.

The backsplash emerged as an artistic canvas, with its icy crushed coral appearance exuding a mesmerizing allure, a tangible slice of coastal charm. The layout was not just about aesthetics; it was a story of maximizing every inch, even within the constraints of a small space. Our designers, driven by innovation and creativity, found ingenious solutions that transformed limitations into opportunities. The Wailea Getaway isn't just a renovation; it's a narrative of reinvention. From outdated to opulent, from cramped to expansive, every detail of this project resonates with a commitment to design excellence. This is where sophistication meets the tropics, where modernity embraces the soul of Hawaii. It's an invitation to experience the art of living in a space where the essence of Wailea's coastal charm is woven into every fiber of design.


Do It all Construction,  Inc.  Kihei, HI


Ryan Siphers Photography